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USB Technology
by Renaud Bédard
by Renaud Bédard

Right up front in the beginning of any Green Lantern related movies should always appear the names of the original creators, Bill Finger and Martin Nodell; and no matter what, the very first Green Lantern movie should very much be about the first true original Green Lantern concept Alan Scott, first published in All-American Comics issue #16 1940; as without him nobody else would have ever followed


In a first respectable Green Lantern movie honoring the original source material, Alan Scott would be the main event in a dark scary mystery story. The film would be about the origin of Alan Scott, and how he became Green Lantern after a train incident caused by sabotage, and having in his hands at the time that old antique railroad signal green lantern that saved his life. And Alan's first mission would be to find those responsible for trying to kill him and leaving everyone else in that train wreck all dead. Later on we could see the origin of Solomon Grundy, Alan's greatest adversary, possibly also linked in some way to the train sabotage, and it would all lead to a classic confrontation between the two, with very spectacular moments

But before, could be told a little ancient history about that green meteorite that fell on Earth ages ago; and without giving away too much details, we could see that same meteorite linked to an incident long ago, very far away in outer space, where ancient guardians of the universe were experimenting with new different technologies and approaches of incredible green lantern power, when all went terribly wrong and resulted in a huge planetary explosion that scattered debris flying across space in every directions, and in the end some of this very material from which was made Alan Scott's green lantern and ring

We could also see Rose Forrest, secretly the super-villain known as the Thorn, and she would conceal her newborn girl Jennifer, Jade to be, and before dying, not tell Alan Scott of the existence of his daughter, only to find out years later. Also, we could see other cameos, as other heroes attracted by all the commotion would arrive on the scene to help out, and possibly be witness to the very birth of the amazing Justice Society. And with the legendary Green Lantern Alan Scott flying over head and battling it out against evils might, he would also save innocents from the destructive rampage of Solomon Grundy, and with his protective green energy he would shield from certain death two boys in the streets, a young Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, and farther up ahead, also a mother with her new born child by the name of Kyle Rayner; and all would be witnesses to the spectacular events going on around them, so that maybe someday they would all find their own Green Lantern light. And in the end Alan Scott, opening up for all and future generations, would look up at the stars and promising to stand guard and protect Earth as long as he could no matter what; and the movie would end with the echo of his very own words

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight,
Let Those Who Worship Evils Might, Beware My Power, Green Lantern Light


In a second film, we would find Hal Jordan, a young test pilot that always dreamed to enter the space program, that is until he meets this dying alien, Abin Sur, who crash on Earth, and before dying he would find in Hal a worthy replacement, and would entrust him with his ring and lantern; and in some way Hal Jordan would find his own way to the stars, going farther out into space than he ever imagined. Later a first contact would be made with the Guardians instructing Hal the need for training and he would be brought to Oa where he would meet other members of the Green Lantern Corps, along with his teacher Sinestro, a tough very experienced Green Lantern. Over time, would be discovered that in his sector of space and on his planet, that Sinestro corrupted the power he was entrusted with, turning everything into dictatorship and slavery to serve him; where Hal Jordan is ordered to take down his old master and bring him back to Oa for judgment. In the end of that movie Hal would be sent on a mission by the Guardians, to protect an other world, with a potential threat approaching Earth

A scene from the movie could go like this, à la Matrix style, as two Green Lanterns would fight each other; from his mind through his ring, Sinestro would launch towards his opponent a cloud of hundreds of deadly sharp spears made of emerald energy, and at the last moment to protect himself Hal would concentrate himself to form a shield of emerald energy blocking the first attack, as each points would shatter like glass and simply vanish


This third movie would be in part based around Emerald Twilight, with the destruction of Coast City, and Hal Jordan a hero returning home after a mission in deep space only to find the lost of his home town and love ones; and as he seems about to lose his sanity, Hal goes after the space Guardians that might have hidden from him the possible threat to Earth, with priorities elsewhere. After battling every one who would stand in his way, even members of the Corps, The Guardians themselves worried would bring back in a desperate attempt the worse possible element Sinestro and giving him a ring to oppose Hal. But in the end, when all would fail to stop the rampage of Oa from the uncontrollable rage and Hal Jordan, he would renounce as Green Lantern to become Parallax; and when the dust settles down on OA, to his own surprise back on Earth, a young man by the name of Kyle Rayner would see appear in front of him a worried more humble space Guardian by the name of Ganthet, giving him a new ring with little explanation before he would disappear, leaving the young man puzzled. And in the end, along with others facing a major global threat, Hal Jordan would sacrifice his life to save Earth; and a few days later, during a memorial ceremony to the fallen hero, Alan, Kyle, Jade, Guy, and others would gather as the mystical silhouette of Hal would briefly appear in front of them out of thin air, as some supernatural ghostly being, before vanishing to everyone's surprise


 This fourth movie would be based around The Power Of Ion and Green Lantern Rebirth with Kyle Rayner, Alan Scott, Jade, Guy Gardner, and the spectral form of Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan would also learn of the truth behind Emerald Twilight, and once reborn and separated from the beast within, Hal would use all of his energy, to go back into his painful past, and take all of Coast City at the very last moment before its destruction and send it forward in time to the present, where millions of people wouldn't even know that years has past, and would be going about their lives like nothing ever happened, except for a brief flash of Green light in the sky. Minutes after, with total confusion in the rest of the country, other heroes would arrive in the middle of town where a large crater should be, and in amazement see every buildings intact and everyone going about their business as usual. And as other Green Lanterns on the scene would start to be affected by this mysterious dark Parallax force, all except one, Alan Scott would remain unaffected due to his difference in origin detached from the rest of the Corps, as long ago without anyone's knowledge, the Guardians might have thought wise to keep secret this special Green Lantern with his own uniqueness, if only as a last resort; and he alone would free all other Green Lanterns from the affliction, and by fusing his lantern to his emerald energy armor he would take its power directly, and in the blackest night he would shed at this evils might his brightest blinding Green Lantern light yet, and destroy that beast within


As the guardians of the planet Oa would find deep beneath their ancient millenniums city, in an archeological site, what looks like an old gold medal that seems to be representing the emblem of Alan Scott, with his own oath on the back; and the fun begins in trying to explain that one... Maybe in the not too distant future, Alan would go back in time, leaving behind his good luck medal into a deep ancient well, after witnessing with his own eyes the very birth of the green lantern power, and possibly even save the planet Oa from total destruction, with ancient Guardian and their very first, not so successful attempt at their Great Green Lantern Experiment. A gigantic explosion that would be mostly contained by Alan Scott's green energy shield, but still would send across space fragments, including a certain green meteorite from which his green lantern and ring are made of


Despite many DC Comics writers wanting as little to nothing to do with Alan Scott the original 1940 Green Lantern concept, other than to make him look old, fading away, and useless; in the view of many, Alan Scott remains the best Green Lantern that ever was and ever will be. Nevertheless, it seems as DC staff follow to the letter the unofficial DC number one rule, that Alan Scott should have as little action and presence as possible on any Green Lantern title, and that he is mostly to be ignore and forgotten; and God forbids that any DC writers would ever in any Green Lantern title have the decency to show the original Green Lantern concept Alan Scott in his brightest days. But I guess for those who never created anything truly worthy of their own, it’s easier to walk all over someone else work and creation, than pay respect for the original hero that started it all. Still, without the creation of the original Green Lantern Alan Scott in 1940, there would be today

· No Green Lantern Lantern
· No Green Lantern Ring
· No Green Lantern Oath
· No Green Lantern Name
· No Green Lantern Villains
(like Solomon Grundy)
· No Green Lantern Powers
· No Green Lantern Corps Or Lanterns Of Any Other Colors
· No Green Lantern Comic Book Or Movie Title
· No Green Lantern Fans
· And Certainly No Other Green Lanterns
(including Hal Jordan or anyone else)

Warner would royally suck if they make another Green Lantern film ignoring the original hero that started it all, Alan Scott

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight,
Let Those Who Worship Evils Might, Beware My Power, Green Lantern Light

Let's not forget that this famous oath was originally spoken by Alan Scott himself, and without him, there would be today no other Green Lanterns to speak of, no Green Lantern heroes or villains, no Green Lantern name, no Green Lantern title, no Green Lantern powers, no Green Lantern rings, no Green Lantern fans, no Green Lantern oath, and no green lanterns to shed any light in the darkness


As a permanent offer to become honorary member of the Green Lantern Corps, Alan Scott would not officially accept it at first with all his responsibilities in the Justice Society; but in times of great darkness with his help and wisdom very much needed, Alan Scott would finally accept and lead the fight of his life against evil might, where my Green Lantern Prophecy would come true, and finally put to rest that idiotic unofficial DC rule every writers are afraid of, that Alan Scott can not take part in major Green Lantern matters and major events because of whatever nonsense


It would be written on one of Oa’s most ancient secret text from a time long ago before Green Lanterns ever existed, that one brave knight not of the Emerald Corps will come down like a god from heaven, and in time of great darkness, he will lead a gigantic army of light into one of the greatest battle against evils might; and the name that would appear in the text would be no other than Alan Scott

With Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and others trapped and overwhelmingly outnumbered, Alan Scott would arrive from nowhere to Sinestro’s surprise to see him at all and alone, until would come into sight following behind him, the rest of the Green Lantern Corps; and in Kingdom Come armor, Alan Scott would take out alone with a single stroke of his emerald energy blade the first wave of attack against him, to the horror of Sinestro himself, creating a panic among his people, while on the other side Hal, Kyle, Guy and others would hold their position hitting everything coming at them, while the rest of the Green Lantern Corps would start to massively rain down on Sinestro forces, desperately looking for anyway to escape this hell for them


During a battle to the death involving lesser known Green Lanterns of the Corps, that would eventually result in victory, but at the cost of one brave emerald knight, his ring would be guided to a new host bellow on the green planet only covers with dense vegetation, and it would fall onto the branch of a living sentient tree, that with its new found powers would uproot itself from its soil and would elevate itself up into the sky and start flying towards the stars. On the planet Oa, Kilowog, a special trainer for the Green Lantern Corps would be giving instructions to new trainees, before turning around to go for a well deserved break, but he would accidentally walk into a large tree that was not there just one minute before, right in the middle of the square. Looking up at it, the tall tree would bend towards the surprised instructor, and would extend one of its branches to expose to him its emerald ring, showing that it is ready to become a new Green Lantern; and in response Kilowog would simply say,” Welcome Veggies"

A new different kind of Green Lantern, more related to Alan Scott's origin, possibly a descendent of that fallen green meteorite in China ages ago, which one fragment might have been taken somewhere in the Middle East region long ago, with one family guarding its secret, generation after generation of mysterious Green Veil protectors, armed only with a strange looking long walking staff, will power, and the quest for truth and justice

I have this vision that at least for a moment, all the good people of this planet would unite and have the chance to transform into superheroes to save their home world from destruction; and in the end one spectacular final scene from Earth’s orbit surrounded by a gigantic army of light of billions of Green Lanterns, including JSA and JLA members, all transformed into emerald knights


It would be interesting to learn that the Guardians of the universe, at the time knowing what was coming to Krypton, and powerless against the will of the political leaders of the planet, if they, like Noah’s arch, had been responsible for saving one specimen of which gender from that dying world, and those two individuals would have been resettled elsewhere; and only now with the recent war against the Sinestro Corps, and after the many casualties, through some cosmic anomaly, would a Green Lantern emerald ring have reached deep into outer space, beyond the limits of the known universe, one of their descendents, reporting to the Corps for duty, from his far away new home called New Krypton. Intended for resettlement in a known remote part of space, something went wrong, and the space arch ended up much farther than it was originally planned, shot back centuries into the past; and at the time, the two survivors from Krypton had been considered lost and most probably dead

PS: Please release golden age Green Lantern DC Archives volume 3-4-5 all the way to the very first appearance of Harlequin Molly Mayne in All-American Comics #89 of 1947.