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by Renaud Bédard
by Renaud Bédard

As much as I would like to see each golden age Justice Society members get their own movies, I have to admit that those first original legends would be
great together, especially in a dark edgy and scary Sandman Mystery Theatre or Alfred Hitchcock style; and with so much live-action Justice Society Of America film potential, it would be crazy not to do it. It would be nice to see together in movies some of DC Comics original Justice Society legends like Alan Scott the Green Lantern, Jay Garrick the Flash, Al Pratt the Atom, Wesley Dodds the Sandman, Rex Tyler the Hourman, Jim Corrigan the Spectre, Kent Nelson Dr Fate, and Carter Hall the Hawkman, but also later on Johnny Thunder with this mysterious Thunderbolt Yz protecting him, Dr Charles McNider the Doctor Mid-Nite, Ted Grant the Wildcat, Ted Knight the Starman, Terry Sloane Mister Terrific, Dinah Drake the Black Canary, Sylvester Pemberton the Star-Spangled Kid, Shiera Sanders Hawkgirl, and possibly even a cameo of the original Wonder Woman Diana Prince


In a first movie of this Justice Society, could be told briefly the origin story of each original Justice Society members like Green Lantern, the Flash, Spectre, Hourman, the Atom, Dr Fate, Hawkman, and Sandman. Alan Scott as the original Green Lantern battling it out against the rampage of his greatest enemy Solomon Grundy, might attract more attention then expected, where other heroes from all over would arrive on the scene to join the fight and assist in the rescue of innocent victims that were caught in between, heroes which would later on form the very first team of superheroes, the Justice Society of America. Eventually the team would encounter for the first time one of their greatest enemy, Per Degaton the ultimate super-villain time traveler, which by the end of the film would manage to affect the future, with changes only starting to truly reveal themselves in the next film, leaving the door open for the super-villain to someday return


In the second film, possibly with Johnny Thunder in trouble, tensions would be running high among certain members of the group, like Al Pratt the original Atom, not too harm at the idea of new members like Doctor Mid-Nite, Star-Spangled Kid, Black Canary, Mister Terrific, and especially about this Wildcat joining the team; something which would make for a few funny moments with small Al and his short fuse hot temper ready to explode at any time, taking on the new guy Wildcat, and others like Green Lantern or Doctor Mid-Nite having to play mediators to calm things down between the hot heads, that is until back to back, both would be forced to fight together against real enemies like forces of Lord Dynamo, where the heroes would eventually gain much respect of each other and become best buddies. In the end, this film could also show the consequences of altered history due to the actions of Per Degaton in the past, with visions of bizarre realities appearing like alternative universes, with team members of the Justice Society somehow different and others gone, until history would somehow be restored by some unknown force; and with Ted Knight the original Starman returning, before him, for a brief moment would appear within a bright blinding light the silhouette of some strange yet familiar future Stargirl, before disappearing, leaving everyone puzzled, with more to be revealed in future times


Based on JSA issues 68 to 71 from 2005, JSA Vs JSA, this next film would introduce some of the next generations of JSAers, while Per Degaton would also make his return to try to mess up their own timeline and all of history with his own little time war, forcing the JSA modern team, with the help of the Rip Hunter a time guardian from the future, to intervene into the past during a darker era for superheroes, where somehow Degaton influenced politicians of the time to demand for all superheroes to reveal their secret identities and become political pawns, as well as easier targets in the past for the criminal time traveler, or to become outlaws forced to go underground and eventually disappear. One small change I would do to the ending of that story, as Al Pratt the original Atom, and possibly a few others, would make the trip through time into the future, and return to the Justice Society

- JSA / JLA -

In future movies, legendary classic heroes, Alan Scott and Jay Garrick would be offered memberships by Superman and Batman, in their new Justice League Of America, but out of loyalty for their own original team the Justice Society Of America, they would decline the invitation, and instead, send the new generation of superheroes on their way with their blessings, and possible even a few recommendations for replacement Green Lantern and Flash, with Hal Jordan also known as the Emerald Gladiator, and Barry Allen also known as the Scarlet Speedster; and both would wish them the best of luck. But later on, the Justice Society and Justice League would unite, to face the biggest forces of evil they ever saw, in one huge spectacular crossover event

PS: Please release JSA All-Stars golden age DC Archives volume 2, with certainly more stories of Johnny Thunder, The Mighty Atom, Hourman, and Wildcat; and absolutely continuing solo golden age Green Lantern DC Archives volume 3, 4, and 5, at least up to the first appearance of Solomon Grundy in All-American Comics #61 of 1944