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USB Technology

by Renaud Bédard
by Renaud Bédard

It would be a welcomed refreshing change to see more of Deep Space Nine and its people along with characters from other series in future Star Trek movies, possibly as part of a major Star Trek cross-over Cross-Space event, all possibly beginning or ending with a friendly baseball game like in the DS9 TV episode Take Me Out To The Holosuite; and possibly the crew of the space station and the whole planet Bajor could have developed a taste for Benjamin Sisko's favorite pastime. Also Captain William T Riker, possibly along with Deanna Troi onboard the USS Titan along with other ships possibly all new Destroyer class vessels, they could all be visiting Bajor and the new improved space station with a very important mission in mind. Admiral Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine could be along for the ride, and they might just have intelligence reports for Benjamin Sisko if they can find him, about a Borg attack in Dominion space and the Founders home world. Odo could also return to ask Federation help, but by the time help could arrive, it could be too late and all that might be left would be space debris and a few refugees. Janeway could also bring a little surprise along, Data's positronic brain found floating in space still functioning, protected at the time of the explosion in Nemesis by a powerful force field; without a new body yet Data could be a solution to a peaceful end of the Borg threat

Even Captain Archer's logs from the old Enterprise NX-01 days, could mention of space explorers from a pre-Borg time, found in suspended animation, after centuries in deep cryogenic freeze that were revived, people still with their individualities, but showing strong signs of technological dependencies, with advanced artificial limes, navigational optical eye pieces, to even prototype brain memory and communication implants. But more importantly those logs could contain the exact coordinates of that cyborg home world where machines not long after their launch, took control of everything and everyone, even suppressing individuality to the profit of a single common collectiveness. And without realizing it Captain Archer in his older days might have left for future generations to find important vital key information about a major threat to the whole galaxy

Sisko's help could be a vital one as well, as with the knowledge of the wormhole aliens, he could be aware yet of an other wormhole in the Gamma Quadrant, one that would lead to a remote region of Borg space. And what if Q himself would give a few hints along the way to those seeking the Borg home planet, as to who they really are and how they became so dependent on technology, but leaving out details on their origin and the final solution

In there somewhere could also be slipped in a few funny scenes like Quark, the one most dead set against playing human sports from the very beginning he could have developed a passion, almost an addiction for it, and during the movie, crew members could catch him walking by all dressed up and ready for a game of ice hockey on a holosuite


Captain William T. Riker's new ship the USS Titan could be in a class of its own. As on of three Federation Destroyers, they could first appear at the Deep Space Nine space station, where they would begin a huge Star Trek cross-over event. The name Titan alone would have to mean certainly bigger than any Sovereign class, for the USS Titan to even deserve its name, it would have to be one massively huge and very powerful ship in a class of its own, possibly something equal in size if not bigger than the average size starbase, all with the possibly to travel faster than it ever was thought possible. Even attempts to travel beyond the galaxy could now be imaginable, opening the frontier of space even farther. Along with Borg technology brought back from the Delta quadrant with Voyager, and possibly Seven of Nine as  specialist, and with Romulan accord, a new Federation cloak based on the experimental one from Pegasus, The USS Titan and other vessels of its class could also be host to a small fleet of Defiant class ships, the ultimate compact fighting machines against the Borgs which all along might have been developed as stage one to a much bigger plan of at least three destroyer class prototypes.
I guess the point of having an enormously huge size and extremely powerful starship would be more than obvious by now, specially after too many threats in the past from the Borgs. For a responsible group like the Federation it would only be common sense to want to protect themselves against major threats, let along an average single Borg cube which could come at any time. I suspect an Anti Borg type Destroyer is really unavoidable, and it might have been in the works for a long time since the attack on Federation space at Wolf 359; and with all these attacks on Earth and other planets, the Federation would be suicidal to just take the Borg threat sitting down and just hope for the best

MOwn Ship Design


In the beginning of the movie Jean-Luc Picard could be expected for a very special meeting at Deep Space Nine with information so important and secret even for any communication transmission, something about a possible plot within the Federation itself, but he wouldn’t say more; and later on would be announced the news of his death as his shuttlecraft that exploded in an apparent accidental collision with an other shuttle. Later in the movie would be found out that Picard had discovered a plot of this secret organization Section 31 to take control of at least one of three Federation Destroyers, the USS Avenger, and they were strategically placing some of their own people in top command positions, and Picard had to be assassinated to prevent their secret to be revealed


Right in the middle of Borg space, three different Federation Destroyer prototypes would engage each other in battle, The USS Titan, with one incredibly strong expending shield, which could even be uses to disable and even destroy attacking ships within a large ratios. Also, the USS Avenger, named after the events and the deads of Wolf 359 during the first Borg wave of attacks in Federation space, the ship would have the most powerful energy guns ever built, with the potential to destroy even the largest planetary bodies if necessary. Finally, the USS Vaillant, with extreme speeds, manoeuvrability and even armor piercing blading exterior shell, able to run right through the enemy if necessary, and all ships equip with new approved Federation cloaking technology. After a secret away mission on the Borg homeworld resolving once and for all anymore threats, and after some surprising revelations on the Borg origin itself, possibly descendants from Earth long lost in time; one destroyer the USS Avenger infiltrated at every top levels by desperate extremists from the secret underground organization known as Section 31, they would attack the USS Vaillant without warning disabling the ship, causing injuries and the death of many, including its Captain, and forcing Admiral Janeway to take command of the ship floating helpless in space; and with the Borg homeworld suddenly under massive bombardment from space by the Avenger, the USS Titan would enter the scene with maximum shield standing in the line of fire protecting the planet below...


What if the Borgs really were just the descendants of long lost space explorers from Earth that through a wormhole got thrown right across the galaxy and very far back in time, and a few Centuries later their descendants ended up building a great civilization, one that over time became more and more dependant on technology for their survival, to the point where something went terribly wrong and their own technology took control of them and their very individuality. Maybe came from the same source as the one that enhanced Voyager 6, better known as V'Ger, a similar technological influence which overtime turned everyone into cyborgs as an attempt to improve that humanoid society by remaking them more into the image of the highly advanced alien technological entities

PS: I recommend reading the Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel "Unity" before planning anymore future Star Trek films, and for every Star Trek fans to do the same


It would be a Imagine Star Trek stories happening in any time period, taking place anywhere, on any ship or planetary body, about any individual, race, culture or civilization with only one single limitation really, imagination; this could be use as part of movies, TV movies, or Star Trek Unlimited comic book graphic novels

Imagine after the final voyage of the next generation becomes history, and one hundred years farther into the future, their descendents that would be entering a new universal age, continuing to push even farther the limits, and even a descendant of the legendary James T Kirk himself could be around in those future days

Imagine after the first contact a second contact following a long distance interplanetary transporter experiment, a strange hidden hyper-fast signal originating from outside the galaxy is received, similar to a transporter lock coordinate far away somewhere in the direction of one of the nearest galaxy. Eventually the transporter is reconfigured to calculate and accept this new coordinate, and just as the machine is activated and apparently someone or something is beaming in and starting to materialize on the transporter pad, multiple signals from different sources in other directions all beyond our galaxy are also being receive...

Imagine a young boy by the name of Zefram Cochrane on the twenty-first century Earth, sometimes has strange feelings that he is not alone and that he might be observed upon; sometimes he even hears strange barely noticeable sounds. So one day when all is calm he goes for it and sets a trap to see if he is right or if it's his imagination running wild; and he catches one, some historian from who knows what century in the future. Of course the visitor eventually gets to leave with little if any knowledge of who or where he really came from; but that very day the kid got him pretty good, enough to think twice about dropping in again uninvited, and for the future society that sent him to rethink their time travel ways and security procedures

Imagine a distant isolated deep space Klingon colony where for centuries its people now vegetarians have only known peace and none violence, until word of a ship from the long almost forgotten homeworld is said to arrive shortly. To impress upon their distant relatives, the locals try there best to change their ways by intentionally becoming more violent like their warrior cousins with little success. The general from Q'onoS would eventually depart leaving the planet forced to admit that those long lost Klingons would make poor warriors to recruit


A vision for future Star Trek next generations' times would have a descendant of Captain James T Kirk, possibly from his own son who died in the search for Spock, a grand child we never knew about, one young man in future times entering the academy for the first time, like his grand father did long ago


Surprising revelations about Section 31 could emerge, not mentioning the whole Pegasus affair cover-up by Star Fleet Admirals. In Extreme Measure, O'Brien discouraged Bashir from taking any other secrets about the underground organisation from the mind of one of its dying agent Sloan, other than the cure for the man made shapeshifters plague. Now combining that with extensive military experience and his once hate of Cardassians, what if Engineer Miles O'Brien had been at one time in the past a low level member of Section 31, something he wouldn't be proud of today and would eventually excuse as a youth error, something he naively believed in for the greater good of the whole Federation when it seemed leaders were simply indifferent to everything. But very quickly reality caught on with Miles as innocent victims of the greater good started to appear. And in the end maybe Section 31 insure the silent of O'Brien by threatening him, his parents, and family, but maybe indirectly Miles might have tipped off someone else in his quest for the truth, one Doctor, secretly trying to uncover the whole Section 31 plot, a more rogued Julian Bashir, not so clean cut shaved anymore, a man that might have suffered in his career from hidden retaliation from Section 31 after the death of Sloan. On the trail of Section 31, Bashir could even be assisted by his genus friend, Sarina from Chrysalis, people no longer afraid to use their full enhanced mental and physical talent and abilities for good, in their own way as future days superheroes, Doctors by day, spy by night


As a movie adaptation of the great Star Trek The Next Generation novel, Imzadi by Peter David, it would all start with the last moments of The City On The Edge Of Forever, with a sadden Captain Kirk who had to make the choice between love or preserving history from catastrophic results, Than we would go to before Encounter at Farpoint, with a very young Lieutenant William Riker fresh out of the academy, arriving to Betazed and first meeting and falling in love with a very young Deanna Troi, and William defending the planet against an attack, Then within an alternated next generation history, we would move on to a future lonely Admiral Riker at an old age starting to settle down with regrets of choosing his career over his true love Deanna that had died mysteriously ages ago on Enterprise D. After a visit to Betazed and seeing a extremely old and delirious Lwaxana Troi destroyed by years of sadness and anger, and somehow still blaming him for the death of her daughter, and seeing the body of Deanna after all this time still perfectly preserved within a special sealed transparent coffin, the old Admiral Riker decides against Starfleet rules and opposition to try to change history using the well guarded Forever gateway, going back in time in disguises to the Enterprise D days to save his love one, only to discover that the first time someone else had change his future by tempering history with what really was murder. And the last scenes would show a possible restored history, where in his old age William Riker would hear the sweet voice of Deanna Troi telling him, Welcome home... Imzadi...